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Get Your Kids Outside and Teach Them To Fish

Get Your Kids Outside and Teach Them To Fish

Alright, you are busy and fishing would require tracts of time off your busy schedule. But which would you rather want? A stressful day with a prospect or a stress-free day with your kid? Time off with kids is something most parents miss nowadays. Parents always argue that they are busy working so that they can provide for their kids. Really now-would a few hours on the lake hurt?  Here is some help teaching your kids to fish.

Fishing, especially with your child could prove to be a very relaxing and fulfilling activity. Imagine seeing that smile on your child’s face when you give him his first fishing rod. As anticipation on that first fishing trip builds up, memories or your fishing travails with your dad come back: riding at the back of Dad’s old truck and incessantly looking at your bait, even counting them is simply an awesome experience. And now that you are wearing your dad’s shoes, what can you impart to your boy?

Here are just some of those lessons:

1. Teaches them love for nature

When you were a kid, you always looked forward to swims on the lake, hikes on trails, and bonfires at night. Alas, kids now are stuck on their computers for hours on end, hardly having the sunshine on them. Teaching your kids to fish can definitely take their mind off their computer games (and the white light). You just might be surprised of your kid’s reaction to the sport.

2. Opens lines of communication

When was the last time you really talked with your kid? Was it during the last reprimand? Or was it too far away that you totally forgot when? Your child is not a mere receptacle of do’s and don’ts. For him to really appreciate your role as a father, you must maintain open lines of communication. A father-son relationship should be borne out of respect for each other’s feelings. Listen to what your boy has to say and he will definitely return the favor.

3. Help your child develop good values

Like all other sports, there is such a thing as fishing etiquette. One must respect another’s turf and not crowd him. Be wary of other boats as you pass: you also wouldn’t want to be disturbed while waiting for your fish to hook. Never be too greedy to share bait: you can never tell when you may have to ask others for it. Watch what you do. The lake or river is the fish home. Do not throw trash or pour out gas which might otherwise jeopardize their environment.

4. Teach your child patience

Your child may wait hours on end for his fish to bite. Or the fish might just get the bait but not get hooked. When you see that frustration is setting in, remind your child that fishing requires patience and you may not always be successful on all your trips. Fishing is a sport your kid may like that is not only healthy as it takes him off the electronic glare of the computer, it also makes the child physically, socially and emotionally seccure.

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